With Me

For some clients, working with me means meeting one-on-one in my office in Newington, which is a quiet, calming space, reserved for our uninterrupted coaching session.

You also have the option of receiving coaching from the comfort of your own home or office by telephone or video conference.

Your first step is to schedule a free, 30-minute Discovery Call with me. This is the first step to moving you forward to feel greater life satisfaction and lay the groundwork on your journey navigating change. In a safe, confidential space, you will have the opportunity to share and explore:

  • Your primary challenges
  • Areas of great satisfaction in your life
  • Areas where you want to experience greater satisfaction
  • How coaching can help you embrace the unknown in order to move forward courageously and help you find clarity around who you are truly meant to be

Our coaching begins with the
Foundation Session


It is the basis for your self-discovery and our work together.  Your two-hour Foundation Session is like no other self-discovery experience you have had. It begins your coaching journey and is fundamental in supporting you to rediscover and reconnect to your purpose and what is most important to you. The Foundation Session will allow you to know who you are really meant to be, so you can focus and take action toward your visions, goals or desires, bringing your true self to the surface in a simple, articulate way.

Next, you and I will determine how often and where we will work together.  Coaching is an individualized process and I am here to help you determine the program that will support you to meet your goals.  Weekly, bi-monthly and individualized programs are available.

Take the first step right now

Let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.